UPDATED: 02 April 2015


The goal of this blog is to publish Science Fiction and Fantasy book reviews of less than 750 words.

Review Policy:

I purchase the majority of the books reviewed on this blog. I do not actively seek ARC or promotional material.

To request a review, interview, etc please email me at: reviews@wordtipping.com. Due to limitations in my time I will not be able to respond to every request.


All comments are welcome as long as they stay civil and avoid ad hominem attacks. I do not mind authors participation even if it including criticisms and disagreements regarding my reviews. If you do not wish to comment but want to contact me regarding my reviews please email me at reviews@wordtipping.com.


This blog complies with FTC requirements. All reviews will state where the review copy originated. There are no paid advertisements, associate links, or monetized content on this blog. If in the future this becomes a possibility these advertisements will be clearly labeled. I am not otherwise remunerated for my blogging activity. Photos and/or other artwork artwork will be provided by myself or properly attributed to the best of my ability.