Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aeshau Vaal in the Age of Rumor

The Unremembered by Peter Orullian does have a visually interesting map. Design wise it is fairly tame but I will give it points for not simply being a re-imaging of Europe.

There is a lot of extraneous fluff for your eyes to take in and enjoy.  The profusion of navigational lines does border on the excessive.

Per usual for fantasy settings the location of mountains do not follow any sense of plate tectonics.  But, based on map descriptions the world is potentially flat...so who needs plate tectonics!

The use of textures and coloring is fairly sedate but effective.  I wish the map in the hardcover edition was in color as the lack of green really lessens the impact of the map.  I am glad to see the full color map online at least.

An interactive map can be found on Orullian's website, here.  The small map was sourced from the media gallery here.

Image Source: www.orullian.com - Interactive Aeshau Vaal map

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