Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Peter Edition

I recently received an invite from Amazon to join the Amazon Vine program. I was very excited about this fact simply because it meant I had a chance at early copies of books of my choosing.

So, this month, I finally found a book that I would wanted to read, The Unremembered by Peter Orullian. Tor, the publisher, has been on a full court press style marketing campaign. This book is "the next big thing" in epic fantasy. The rear cover of the ARC even details out the campaign with a bullet pointed Marketing Plan.

I can see why Tor in particular would want to find the next big thing. Fantasy as a genre to me is at a bit of a crossroads. Many of the big epic series have wrapped up or are wrapping up in the near future. The Wheel of Time, A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, The Sword of Truth, A Song of Fire and Ice, etc are all big series that need replacements.

The Unremembered seems to be custom made to fill the void left by The Wheel of Time. So, now we are presented with a book that is about a young man from bumpkin-ville who has always been slightly different. Two strangers stroll into town...and older man and a beautiful woman...and his whole life changes. Before you know it, the whole world is teetering on the brink and only our bumpkin can save it. I love it already.

The second book is The Great Bazaar and Other Stories by Peter V. Brett. I really enjoyed reading The Warded Man recently and so I am enthusiastic about exploring this new fictional universe. The Great Bazaar and Other Stories is basically the cutting room floor material from The Warded Man. Within The Warded Man's narrative there are a few temporal gaps and these series of stories, gaps created to help keep up the narrative pace. The Great Bazaar fills in those gaps as a stand alone product with both material edited out of The Warded Man and new material to flesh out these scraps. So, I am looking forward to this one and it will give me an excuse to try out my new Kindle as the only affordable option for The Great Bazaar was the ebook format. The physical copy was a limited edition copy from Subterranean Press.

Image Source for The Unremembered: Scanned Cover
Image Source for The Great Bazaar: Peter V. Brett

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