Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Books

A few new books showed up today that I am very excited about. I received a trio of new books...each I am excited about for a different reason.

The one I am easily the most excited for is the long awaited The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. The Name of the Wind (review) was my favorite read of 2010. Yes I was a little late to the game reading it but I am now thoroughly a fan. As soon as I finish my current book, Battle for the Abyss by Ben Counter, I am going to dive right in.

I am also excited about Thunder and Steel by Dan Abnett. This is an omnibus of all of his Warhammer Fantasy novels plus some exclusive content. I have not read a whole lot in the Warhammer Fantasy setting but I am working on fixing that deficiency. One thing that is immediately noticeable about this book is the beautiful cover.

The last book I am also excited about because it is a first for me...a true ARC (Advanced Review Copy). The ARC in quest is The Children of the Lost by David Whitley. Now, I won this via a Goodreads giveaway but regardless...its an ARC! It is the second book in the Agora Trilogy...a YA series. I have always been fond of YA so I look forward to reading it.

Image Source for The Wise Man's Fear: Penguin
Image Source for Thunder and Steel: The Black Library
Image Source for The Children of the Lost: McMillan

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