Monday, February 7, 2011

The Horus Heresy Haul

 So, I splurged and bought a bunch of excellent Horus Heresy books published by the Black Library.  There was also a lone Warhammer 40K book in there as well.

I am about to finish reading the Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter so I really needed to pick up The Flight of the Eisenstein by James Swallow.  I have been reading some of the books out of sequence but the original four I think really need to be read in sequence.  So far it has been a powerful read.

I am excited to read A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill both because he is an excellent writer and that the corruption of the Thousand Sons is such a tragic tale.

I am a bit leery of Fallen Angels for a couple reasons.  First, I thought the Descent of Angels, the first in the Dark Angels mini-series, by Mitchell Scanlon was sub-par for the otherwise great Horus Heresy series.  Second, I have not been particularly fond of Mike Lee's work on the Nagash series for Black Library's Time of Legends series.  Considering my primary complaint for both writers work was the lack of vision, I do not have high hopes for Fallen Angels.

Soul Hunter is the lone non-Horus Heresy book, but I have been very impressed with the couple pages I have read out of Aaron Dembski-Bowden's The First Heretic so I figured I would give this book a try as well...especially because it was part of Amazon's 4-3 deal.

Image Source for The Flight of the Eisenstein: The Black Library
Image Source for A Thousand Sons: The Black Library
Image Source for Fallen Angel: The Black Library
Image Source for Soul Hunter: The Black Library

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