Monday, October 25, 2010

A Song of Fire and Ice Maps (Westeros) - UPDATED 12 Mar 2012

A fan of G.R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice has created a whole series of maps done in a High Medieval illuminated manuscript fashion.  They are truly engrossing pieces of art, especially when you consider how much I love maps to begin with.  Follow the links to the artist's, J.E. Fullerton, Deviant Art page to see lovely high resolution versions.  via - A Dribble of Ink via - Deviant Art

Since this post has become so popular I thought I would add some additional information to it for the benefit of my many webpage visitors.

HBO has created a new "official" map which can be reached HERE.

For an awesome fan made online map of the Seven Kingdoms click HERE.

For a more traditional map of the Seven Kingdoms split into the NORTH and SOUTH click the links.

Lastly, I have attached some photos from the above links below.  Enjoy!

UPDATE - 12 March 2012

serMountainGoat has created an absolutely beautiful and painstakingly created map of Westeros.  Please visit his website here to see a bigger and nicer version.