Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Gift in the mail from The Random House Publishing Group

Last night, upon arriving home from work I noticed a package on my doorstep.  As I picked it up, I noticed it felt like a book which I thought was odd as I wasn't expecting a book delivery.

Upon opening the package I found a copy of Terry Brook's Running with the Demon, the first book in the Word & Void series which serves as a prequel of sorts to the Shannara series.

Also included in the package was a nice letter from Random House asking me to enjoy the book and to please visit

My first free book...ever.  I was rather excited.  But, this freebie held a special significance to me.

The first fantasy book I ever read was The Sword of Shannara back when I was a grade schooler.  This book had a huge impact on me and was an important milestone in my life.  After reading The Sword of Shannara I become not only a fan of the fantasy genre but I became a reader.

I had been a reader up until that point but I had mostly read non-fiction, natural sciences in particular.  But, after reading Mr. Brooks novel, I started to love books.  I collected books and I actively sought out new books.  Reading became my number one hobby over music and video games.  It has stayed that way since.

After reading The Sword of Shannara my search for new material lead me along a fairly linear path of Tolkien, to Robert E. Howard, to Eddings, to Dragonlance and then Robert Jordan.  After that my scope of my reading grew and I found myself reading multiple series and authors at a time.  Now, I own over a thousand books.  I still read a lot of non-fiction especially Classical/Medieval history but my true love is fantasy.

So, Terry Brooks had a big impact on me as a child.  His book altered the flow of my life and the development of my personality.  So, I found it more than a coincidental that my first free book was a Terry Brooks book...and a prequel to the Shannara series at that.  It has a nice sort of symmetry.

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